How to Have a Green Wedding

green-wedding The wedding industry is marked by many innovative ways to celebrate the big day. However, at a time when the world economy is unstable and the environment is facing multiple threats of destruction, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an eco-friendly wedding.

Having a green wedding doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy. There are abundant options to enjoy a traditional wedding and also be environment-friendly. Besides, your wedding is most importantly about enjoying the company of your loved ones. And you don’t really need a five-star hotel or imported gowns and flowers to do that.

The ring

Promote green thoughts with the rings you wear. Look for vintage or antique rings or use a family heirloom. Nowadays, rings are available in recycled gold—a great way of being eco-friendly. Another option is to refashion an old ring in a new pattern.

The dress

You will wear your wedding gown only once in your life. Hence, it would be a better option to rent it. If it’s possible, you can alter and restyle your mother or sister’s wedding gown to fit you.

You can buy a dress that can be reused again as an evening gown. Using environment-friendly cloth to make a dress is a good option if you have the resources.

The invitations

A good way to communicate your ‘green wedding’ theme to the guests is to start with the invites. You can use recycled paper and hire a calligrapher to write the invitations. This way you save the wastage caused by printing.

The venue

Have an outdoor wedding to save power. Hold the ceremony and the reception in one place and make sure it is close to your home. This way you will use minimum transportation.

The food

Include as many vegetarian meals as possible. Also provide plates and glasses that can be reused. Calculate the number of guests and prepare the food accordingly to avoid wastage of food.

There are many other ways to make your wedding eco-friendly. Keep an open mind and spirit and you’ll contribute to the environment with your green wedding.