How to handle an annoying roommate

roommates It’s easy to handle your siblings when they annoy you at home: you can fight them, threaten them, or simply run to mommy. But these won’t work when you’re living alone with an annoying roommate. As an adult, you need to manage the situation in an adult-like manner.

You have to deal with roommates when you move into a college dorm or your own apartment. The type of annoyance varies. You could be stuck with someone who likes to hum constantly (and that too off-key!) or a wannabe rocker who likes loud and deafening music. Or worse, someone who leaves the room in a mess that even pigs would run away from.

There are many ways to handle the annoying roommate situation amicably without causing violence. If the person is a stranger, he or she could then make your life worse. And if it’s a friend, you’ll hurt someone whom you actually liked before they became irritating.


Talk to your roommate and explain the problem. He or she may be more understanding when they learn that you were facing problems because of them.

However, don’t get aggressive. Calm yourself first and then confront your roommate. Yelling at them will not get them to listen to you; remember they’re not 4 years old.

Circumvent the situation

If your roommate plays loud music or invites friends over at a particular time of the day when you’re busy, find another place to be. Avoid being in the same room with him or her during the hours when they’re being the most maddening.

Room rules

Set some basic rules for the apartment. Sit down and work out a schedule for your activities; ensure nothing interferes with the other. For example, if you have to study at a particular time, your roommate shouldn’t be partying with friends in the room. Likewise, you’ll need to adjust your time for some of their activities.

Keep in mind that if the roommate is a friend, you need to be tactful. Roommate problems aren’t always permanent; you can choose to switch apartments or request for another roommate.