How to grow potted plants

indoor-potted-plants Some nature lovers in the city can fulfill their wish of living in a green environment by growing a garden behind their house. But this convenience cannot be availed by those living in apartments. However, they need not be deprived of the pleasure of plants and flowers.

Indoor potted plants can also bring greenery into their home. Potted plants can be moved around the house. You can place them on window sills or in balconies. However, they require special care as their growth and health depends for the most part on how you nurture them.

Show them the light

Potted plants should not be placed in dark corners. Expose them to moderate amount of light as too much direct sunlight is also harmful. The requirement of light of a plant depends on its kind. Some may require more while others may need less light.

Water, water everywhere

Water is essential for the growth of plants. Again, the amount of water needed varies according to the type of potted plant. Moreover, you need to keep in mind the requirement of water on a daily basis. Too much water will spoil the potted plant.

In the soil

The right kind of soil is important for a potted plant. It is best to inquire at the nursery about the soil required for the plant in your house. This soil should be of a good quality. It should be able to retain water as well as drain it whenever necessary.

A pot of green

Don’t be lured by elaborate designs when purchasing pots for your plants. Make sure they are sturdy and their size is in correct proportion to the plant. A larger plant requires a bigger pot. Check if the container has holes at the base to drain off water.

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Clean the leaves of your potted plants with water regularly to avoid the settling of dust and grime. Also, change the soil in the pot occasionally. Fertilize the plant often to keep it healthy.

You can, thus, transform your home into a mini-garden with beautiful potted plants.