How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

indoor-herb-garden How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

If you prefer to have fresh herbs in your home and you don’t have space for an outdoor garden then you can start an indoor herb garden. You can grow herbs in containers and can keep them in your windowsill. The herb plants needs at least 4 to 6 hour of sunlight a day to grow. You can include rosemary, oregano, bay leaf, chervil, mint, thyme etc in your indoor herb garden.

For Making an Indoor Herb Garden

1.    First of all you need to find a windowsill which gets at least four or five hours of sunlight per day. The herbs must get good ventilation and they don’t prefer severe temperature fluctuations. You can also supplement sunlight with light from florescent bulbs.

2.    Choose the herbs that have to be planted in your home. Read articles and materials about herbal gardening and choose the ones that grow well in indoor conditions. You can also choose them depending on the purpose for which they are growing like for cooking, making potpourri, medicinal purpose etc.

3.    There will be nurseries specialized in herbs and you will get more selections from such nurseries than the usual garden nurseries. You will also get more information about the herb from such nurseries. They can advice you about the needs and peculiarities of each plant.

4.    Choose containers that are about eight inch deep and six to eight inch in diameter. Instead of plastic containers you can choose earthen containers as they will provide more air circulation.

5.    Place large screen mesh over the drainage holes and fill the 1/3 rd of the container with coarse sand, mushroom compost and well draining potting mixture. Keep the container on a tray filled with gravel and this will ensure good drainage.

6.    Fill the remaining half of the pot with soil rich in nutrients and compost and place the plant with some soil from the previous container to the new pot. Plant them at the same depth as it had in the nursery.

7.    Water the plant once or twice in a week with enough water to soak the plant.

8.    Fertilize the plants once in a week with liquid fertilizers or pellets. Small amount of fertilizer at frequent intervals is found to be ideal for indoor plants.

You can harvest your plant when ever you need it but be careful to harvest it in small quantities. This will help to give a vigorous growth.