How to Grill Vegetables

grill-vegetables How to Grill Vegetables

Grilled vegetables are something that can be made easily and can be served with pride. It’s having a versatile use and can be served as topping for pizza, tossed with salad dressing, served as a side dish along with vegetarian meals, or wrap it in flat breads and use as a snack. Grilled vegetables are healthy and they tastes sweet as the natural sugars present in the vegetables comes out while grilling. Vegetables having good amount water in them are found to be ideal for grilling. Some of the commonly used vegetables include bell pepper, eggplant, corn on the cob, zucchini, summer squash, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, celery, potatoes etc. While some other vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, leafy vegetables and carrots won’t come up well.

Tips to Grill the Vegetables

1.    Before starting the grilling process you need to wash the vegetables thoroughly with baking soda or lime juice. This will help you to get rid off the residues of pesticides which may be present in the vegetables. Soak the vegetables in water for about thirty minutes and this will help them to avoid getting fire while grilling. Dry the vegetables with a clean and dry towel and cut the vegetables in to square shaped pieces.

2.    Instead of keeping the vegetables directly on to the grill you can blanch them for several minutes and then marinate them with good quality grilling mix. Allow marinate to set for about 15 minutes. Give the vegetables a light touch with the oil so as to prevent them from sticking on to the grill. Rather than keeping the vegetables directly on the grill you can also keep them in foil pouch or vegetable baskets for grilling.

3.     You can set your grill either in charcoal or on the gas top. If you are using skewers then thread the vegetables on the skewers and keep them on the grid of the grill. If it’s a metal skewer then put oil on them before threading the vegetables. The wooden skewer can be soaked in water for about 30 minutes before starting the cooking and this will protect it from fire. Instead of skewers you can use vegetable basket or heavy duty aluminum foil pouch for grilling your favorite vegetables. You have to spray the vegetable baskets with pam before grilling.

4.    While starting the grilling process you need to separate the vegetables according to the time needed for grilling. Potatoes require more time for grilling than that of tomatoes. So start grilling with those vegetables which need more time for grilling. You have to turn the vegetables in every five minutes and can marinate them in between. Thus you will get a well marinated and uniformly grilled vegetable.

5.    Check the grilling of the vegetables with a fork and if you can insert a fork smoothly in to the vegetable then it is ready. Take the vegetables out from the grill and keep it aside for 5 minutes.

Now you can serve them.