How to go for a fast makeup

makeup Fast makeup

What comes to our mind first when there is a big party tonight? Of course we think of a dazzling makeup that would make us look more beautiful than others. The make up must be so much magnetic that it should touch the heart of everybody there in the party. But if we do not know the fast makeup techniques then it would not be possible for us to get ready for the party. So these are some of the basic rules of fast makeup.

Firstly we should try to remove the dead cells form our face with the help of a lotion called an exfoliating liquid. This helps to clean the skin internally and makes it ready for any kind of makeup. Before applying the makeup we should add a cold exposure to our eyes to avoid any kind of distension, and then we should go for the moisturizer. This helps to add a glowing cover to the face.

The next step is to apply cream foundation on our face. This makes the skin look brighter. If there are some dark spots or circles in our skin, we should immediately apply some concealing cream gently. Then add some highlighter around the cheeks and some of the specialized areas of the face to give a perfect look and make it glowing. We should check if there is any kind of extra hairs in our eyebrows that make it look odd and immediately remove it if exists.

The final step is to add some of the cosmetics like blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip color, etc. We can curl our eye lashes if it suits. Then add a little bit of powder to the face to make the makeup set and also some blush if needed. The exfoliating liquid which we have used before is very good to convert dull skin into a glowing one.