How to give your room a gothic look

gothic The gothic is usually associated with elaborate embellishment and rich colors. If you want to design your home interiors with something unusual and interesting, try incorporating the gothic style.

To give your room a gothic look, you can use various elements such as color, fabric, accessories etc. A touch of creativity and open-mindedness are needed to fully appreciate the gothic-style décor.

An array of colors

Welcome dark, deep and rich hues like black, red, purple, royal blue, silver and gold. These can be used in various shades. Mix and match the colors in different ways.

If you don’t want to paint the room in a dark color, then use it in furniture and accessories. Silver and gold trimmings and borders look great on dark-colored linen.

Entries and exits

Cover the windows and doors of your room with rich fabric. It would be best to use curtains and tapestries that are long and heavy. Buy these in colors that will complement the shades on the walls.

Material for your furniture

Wood and wrought iron furniture are best suited for the gothic look. You can buy these if they fit in your budget or else paint your existing furniture in dark colors. An ornate chandelier will add grandeur to the room.

Curios and more

A gothic style room seems incomplete without ornaments. You can haunt antique stores to find unique pieces that will add to the beauty of the room. Candles are important and if you can buy them in red or black, so much the better. Candle sticks can be decorative and in gold or silver shades.

Gothic paintings adorn the walls of your room. You can also find other interesting art work; even masks and rugs placed around the room will look magnificent. Their colors should be in contrast to the overall appearance of your room.

So add some mystery and flair to your home décor with a gothic-styled room.