How to give your home a bohemian look

bohemian The word ‘bohemian’ is generally associated with unconventionality. The early wandering gypsies were called bohemian as people believed that they came from bohemia. They lived with disregard of society’s traditional norms. From the later centuries to the modern days, bohemians have been considered as people who live ‘differently’. From the beats to the hippies, the bohemian style has been redefined constantly.

So how can you get the bohemian style into your own home? Well, think ‘different’, ‘original’ and maybe even a little ‘eccentric’. Let your home reflect your personality and unique style. The bohemian look will make you stand out in the crowd.

Be bold

Elegance understated is the norm. Play with rich, bold colors for your walls and furniture. Use multi-colored scarves, blankets, rugs, quilts and pillows and place them randomly around the house. Never try to match. The bohemian look is about leaving behind the ordinary and taking an alternative route.

Use contrasting colors for your rooms to put emphasis on the décor. You can also use light and dark colors alternately for various items and sections of your house.

Accessorize abundantly

Minimalism is a far cry from the bohemian look. Decorate the corners and walls of the rooms with as many trinkets as possible. Adorn walls with art work of varied themes, tapestries etc. If you have the artistic flair, then don’t be shy to display your own paintings. Wall papers with rich patterns and textures will transform the look of your home.

It is human nature to treasure memories of the past. Old antiques, photographs, souvenirs bought on travels or gifted by friends – all these can be exhibited to contribute to the bohemian feel of your home

Nature and light

Add light to the house with lamps of different shapes and sizes. Use decorative lamp shades to give a unique glow. Plants, ferns, shells, crystals etc can also be kept to enhance the bohemian look.

Changing the look of your home the bohemian way can add zest to life. So go bohemian!