How to give unusual wedding favors

wedding-favors1 A wedding is a special event for the bride and groom but the guests are also a significant part of the occasion. At most weddings, the guests receive wedding favors from the married couple as a ‘thank you’ for attending the ceremony. It is a token of appreciation towards the guest for helping to make the wedding a special and joyous occasion.

A wedding favor is like a memento that the guests can associate with a particular wedding. However, it has become a trend to give wedding favors of similar kinds. These are barely distinguishable from each other. Unusual wedding favors will help people to remember your wedding as a special and distinctive occasion.

Go green

Being friendly to the environment is beneficial for everyone. As a wedding favor, you can gift something that will help you to contribute to the environment.

You can present tree seedlings or seeds in a box wrapped with recycled paper. This is a unique and eternal wedding favor. Planting a tree will make the world a greener place and also help people to always remember your gift.

Make it personal

Personalized wedding favors stand out in the crowd. However, these can be rather expensive. You can have a photo frame with a picture of the couple inside.

You can give a jar of chocolates with your names, date of the wedding or a special message printed on the jar. The guests can use the jar for other purposes as well, thus making your wedding favor practical.

Favor with a theme

If your wedding has a theme, then you can select your favors accordingly. The popular rhyme associated with weddings: ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ can also be incorporated into the wedding favors.

An assortment of small gifts in a decorative basket can also be used. The items inside can vary: an article for practical use, an ornament, a small book of sayings etc.

Give extra thought to your wedding favors and present something unique to the guests so that they remember your wedding day forever.