How to give a room a fairy tale look

starry-room When it comes to decorating your home, there are no limits. You can give it any look you desire and have a ball. In fact, a room with a fairy tale theme will indeed look like a ballroom. All you need are some glamorous touches in color and motif and your fairy tale room is ready.

The fairy tale look can be achieved in various ways. You can select a particular fairy tale such as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and decorate around it. Or you can also have a mélange of different fairy tale elements: princess, fairies, elves, castles, witches, dragons and knights; the list is endless.

The color factory

In terms of color, the best options would be white, pink, purple and lavender. You can contrast these with quilts, bedspreads and pillows that have fancy designs of palaces and crowns.

Around the clock

A grandfather clock on a wall will give a nice antique-like look to your room. When the clock chimes twelve, it will remind you of Cinderella and her hurried escape from the ball at midnight.

Mirror image

A huge stylish mirror completes the fairy tale look. Not only is it practical but also an essential fairy tale element. We all know the popular question from Snow White, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Of course, don’t expect an answer if you feel like asking this to your mirror; talking mirrors only exist in a fantasy world!

On display

Figurines of castles, princesses, knights placed on small tables will add to the beauty of the room. You can also place a magic wand or delicate glass slippers.

Lamp light

Give a magic glow to your room with a beautifully designed lamp. You can find one that has pictures of the moon or stars to create the look and feel of a starry night.

Decorate your room to give a charming fairy tale impression that you and your family can enjoy. And they will all live happily ever after!