How to Give a Good Wedding Toast

wedding-toast A wedding reception is not just another party where people eat, drink and dance. It is the celebration of two people starting a life together. One of the most important features of a wedding reception is the wedding toast. A few warm words said in honor of the bride and groom will contribute to the atmosphere of love and celebration.

If you’re the best man, maid-of-honor or just a close friend or relative of the couple, you may be required to give a toast at the reception. Public speaking is not a talent possessed abundantly by every one. Hence, preparation is required to give a successful toast.

Stay sensible

Even though it’s a special occasion, stay clear of too much celebratory champagne until after you’ve given the toast. Giving a toast when you’re drunk will ruin the wedding reception as embarrassing details tend to ‘slip out’ of your tongue.

Write right

Some people are blessed with photographic memories, but for those who aren’t don’t throw caution to the winds. At least a week in advance, write down what you plan to say and practice giving the toast.

Stay focused

The wedding toast is about the bride and groom so concentrate on speaking only about them. Don’t include stories of your personal experiences at weddings, or dwell only the bride or groom. Speak about both and your relation to them.

Also, keep the toast short and sweet. Long speeches are boring and ruin the mood of a wedding.

Censored subjects

It’s not a political speech but a wedding toast requires careful consideration. Racist or vulgar jokes are inexcusable. Don’t talk about the couple’s embarrassing memories, past love interests, or honeymoon plans.

Heartfelt wishes

Speak from the heart in your wedding toast. Be pleasant, compliment the bride and groom, and wish them for their future. If you know them well, mention how much their friendship means to you. It is also always polite to thank the host of the party.

Finally, raise your glass to the couple and end by congratulating them. You’ve just given a memorable wedding toast. Cheers!