How to Get the Party Look

party-look If you love to wear make up then the best place where you can flaunt your make up is at a party. Many women wait for parties and similar occasions since they get a chance to apply make up just as much as they want to. However, there are some basic rules for applying make up for the party look. Read on to find some tips on party make up.

You can really experiment with different colors and make up tricks for a party. However, you have to remember your complexion, skin type, and age before wearing make up. You need to remember that party make up differs for the night and day. You should have sufficient light in your room while applying make up.

Clean your Skin

Before you start it is very essential to get rid of black heads or dead cells from your skin. For this you can use a very gentle face scrub. Use a good cleanser to remove dirt and grime. For cleaner and smoother skin, you can also apply a good fruit-based face pack for 15 minutes, wash off, and then get ready for make up. Next you have to apply a toner as well as moisturizer, meant for your skin type.

Flawless Skin

Now dab some foundation on your face as well as neck and blend well with your finger tips. Use a compact powder to set the foundation and it will also make your skin look flawless. Wear eye shadow of your choice and line your eyes with a black or brown eye liner. Then coat your lashes with a layer of mascara. Apply blusher on the apple of your cheeks and blend properly.

Luscious Lips

With lip liner, define your lips and then fill it with a long-stay lipstick. You should choose a long-stay lipstick because you will not have to re-apply the color after eating something. You can also wear a layer of sheer lip gloss over the lipstick. Now you are all set for the party.