How to Get Rid of the Pregnancy Back Pain

pregnancy-back-pain Back Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy cause many changes in a woman’s body and in the early stages of pregnancy you may experience back pain too. This is due to the hormones that make you ready for pregnancy. Hormones will help you to loosen the ligaments that connect the pelvic bone and the spine. During pregnancy the uterus enlarges and this changes your posture and so your center of gravity. This in turn will impart pressure on your back and leads to back pain.

Treatments for Back Pain in Pregnancy


Massage your back gently and this will give you some relief from the pain. You can also apply ice bags and hot bags alternatively for about 10 minutes. This will help you to reduce the muscle pain and the swelling. Keep your legs in an elevated position and lie down to give your back a rest for sometime on every day.

Supportive Belt

If you are suffering from severe back pain then you can wear a maternity supportive belt to support your back. You can use this belt while standing, walking and even while lying down.


Start exercising from an early stage of pregnancy but only if your doctor allows you to do so. Swimming will be a very good exercise at all stages of pregnancy and you can even practice walking or aerobics. This will help you to stretch the muscles of the back and the legs and thus makes them strong.

Foot Wear

During the entire pregnancy you have to wear shoes that are comfortable for you. Try to avoid high heel shoes at this time.


If you are taking a well balanced diet that is rich in fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk and milk products then it will supplement you with all the nutrients required for your body. Healthy diet will provide you enough calcium and thus helps you to get relief from back pain.

Practice Good Posture

Keeping a good posture may help you to relieve the back pain. Try to keep a straight and tall position while standing. While sitting try to keep your feet in an elevated position and support your back with a pillow. Never sit or stand for long periods and try to change the position in between. While lying down try to lie on your sides with your knee bent.


  • dhanya, great post. I hope mommies-to-be everywhere can take something away from this.

    A lot of women’s feet give them back issues during pregnancy- When we are pregnant, our bodies produce a hormone called Relaxin that literally relaxes everything in our bodies Relaxin affects the entire body, not just the hips. This hormone, combined with the sudden increase in body weight, is the reason women’s feet get bigger in pregnancy.

    This presents a problems because women squeeze their enlarged feet into the same shoes- this can lead to back pain too- keep an eye on your feet, they are the foundation of your body and can often lead to more painful problems if not taken care of!