How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Dark Circles Around the Eyes Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Many people are worried about the dark circles around their eyes. Dark circles may give you a dull and tired look. It may be due to some illness, tiredness, allergies, sun damage, lack of sleep or even due to heredity. Lack of nutritious food may also cause dark circles around your eyes. Another common cause is heredity. Lack of vitamins especially vitamin B12 and K also result in dark circles. Lack of proper blood circulation and deficiency of iron may also leads to dark eye circles. What ever the reasons for dark circle you can lighten the dark color and at times you can also get rid of these circles.

Treatments for Dark Circles


Cut fresh cucumber in to slices and keep one circular slice of cucumber on your eyes. Keep it for half an hour. Cucumber then reduces the swelling and inflammation and there by reduces the dark circle’s effect.

Tea bag

Wet tea bags can also be placed over your eyes. Tea bags also reduce the dark coloration by lowering the inflammation and swelling. The tannin content in tea bags makes this possible. Keep the tea bags for about 15 minutes on your eyes.

Vitamin K and Retinol Enriched Eye Cream

Apply eye creams that contains enough retinol and vitamin K over the dark circles around your eyes and this helps you to lower the puffiness, inflammation and dark color.

Diet and Rest

Take a diet rich in vitamins like vitamin K and B12 and this helps you reduce the puffiness and dark color around the eyes. Take enough vegetables and fruits and mainly cabbage, leafy vegetables, spinach etc. Try to drink enough water as it may help you to get rid of the toxic waste from your body. Take a good sleep at night for at least 7 hours. Avoid the habit of taking alcohol, drugs, smoking etc as it may affect the blood vessels badly and result in vascular blood vessels. Also reduce your salt in take as excess salt result in retaining water on the body and cause puffiness under your eyes.