How to get rid of a persistent constipation problem

constipation1 Constipation is a very frequent health problem that many of us face. It makes stools so difficult to discharge that sometimes getting rid of one’s body waste becomes very painful.

However, there are ways to cure an unbalanced bowel action. Here are a few tips one can follow:

Eat and drink right

While digestion occurs in one’s intestinal tract, the colon sometimes tends to absorb too much water from the food. Hence the stool becomes dry and firm.

To get rid of such a persisting constipation problem, the most important thing is to include the necessary nutrients needed in one’s diet. Consume huge amounts of water everyday.

It is necessary to eat fiber-rich food on a daily basis to get rid of a constant constipation problem.

Always include green leafy vegetables like cabbages, turnips, oat and broccoli in you daily diet. Such food items acts upon the digestive system and help in smooth discharge of bowels.

Also, it is essential to consume fresh fruits everyday as they provide the necessary nutrients to the body.

Follow a regular exercise regime

Exercising and indulging in physical activities is extremely important for proper functioning of body metabolism. No matter how busy one’s everyday schedule is, one has to make out time for a regular exercise regime.

Try taking a morning jogging course or a brisk walk. Try to join swimming classes or aerobics classes even if you get 45 minutes off in the day.

Try to relieve yourself of mental stress

Very often constipation troubles are mental stress related. More work related pressure can cause an escalated excretory disorder.

Therefore, it is extremely important to keep one’s mind anxiety-free and calm to get respite from bowel problems.

Join meditation courses or do some yogic exercises to achieve a mental composure. Also try practicing deep breathing exercises to accelerate blood circulation. Besides, one can always avail the advice of a fitness instructor.

However, in case the constipation problem continues to grow severe even after following such routines, then one should consult a good physician immediately.