How to Get More Soy Protein in a Diet

PCA01651009817 How to Get More Soy Protein in a Diet

Soy protein is found to be highly beneficial for human health. Soy proteins contain almost all proteins and amino acids necessary for human being. Soy proteins can be used as a replacement for animal protein and can be easily incorporated in your daily diet. Soy protein can lower the cholesterol level and there by protect you from heart diseases. Soy foods are rich in vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, fiber etc.

Soy Protein in Your Diet

Include cereals which are rich in soy protein in your breakfast. Cereals with out soy protein contain mostly carbohydrates. The presence of soy protein will help you in regulating your blood sugar level. Body needs more time to break down the protein than the carbohydrates. This in turn will help you to stop eating for a longer time and thus helps you to reduce the weight. Cereals containing soy proteins are available in different forms like hot cereals and cold cereals.

You can use soy milk in your cereals and in other recipes of baking, shakes etc. You can even consume soy milk straight away. Soy protein is also available in powder form and that has no flavors. Hence you can add this powder in most of your food items. Soy proteins can also be used for adding texture to the food.

Soy protein patties are also available and they can be used for replacing the meat. Soy sausage patties having the same flavor and texture of pork sausages are also available. Soy is also available in tofu forms and these are mostly unflavored. They can easily absorb any flavor and taste and can be used in a variety of food. You can easily replace meat with tofu. Even soy burgers, soy protein bars etc are available now a day.

Replace your vegetables with baby soy beans and it will add more protein to your diet. Include baby soy beans in salads also. Instead of peanut butter you can include soy nut butter in your snacks. Soy nut butter have almost the same texture and taste of that of peanut butter.