How to get amazing finger nails and beautify them

take-care-of-your-nails We often watch a celebrity stroking her fingers through her hair and yearn for shapely and beautiful nails like her. Clean, shapely and shining nails really add up to one’s beauty quotient. Here are a few tips to get those gorgeous nails:

Nail Cleansing

Cleaning one’s nails is the first step towards caring for them and beautifying them. Take a little bit of soap with warm water and scrub your nails everyday. Take a small nail brush or an old tooth brush for better scrubbing action.

Clean the nail corners nicely. One can also use tools like nail cleaners or clippers to remove hidden filth in our nails. But be careful while using such tools.

Put a drop of olive oil or a mild moisturizer and rub it on your nails before cleaning them. It makes them healthier.

Nail shaping

Once the nails are clean, its time to trim them and get them in the right shape. Before that, it is essential to decide what size and shape of nails one wants. For example, nails can have a triangular tip or rectangular ones.

Cut your nails according to the desired nail shape. For example, if you want a triangular tip nail pattern then cut the nail sides and keep the top pointed.

After this, one has to file the nails. Choose the right file for your nails and if needed take the help of a manicurist. It is better to file nails uniformly from a corner to the mid part. Also, one has to take care of one’s nail cuticles.

Shorter nails are easy to maintain than longer ones. If one desires for longer nails then greater care has to be taken while filing and shaping them.

Polishing and decorating nails

When it comes to polishing your nails, it is better to apply a coat of nail strengthener before putting nail colors.

Also, while removing a nail polish, try to use acetone-free nail polish removers. Acetone can make nails dry and brittle. They also reduce their natural glaze.

Other than nail colors there are a number of other accessories that are used nowadays to make one’s nails attractive. There is a huge range of acrylic nails, nail stickers and stones that are used to beautify one’s nails.

But before using such items, it is very important to keep one’s nails healthy and strong. So start caring for your nails regularly.