How to get a sparkling face with simple home remedies

300_197677 Every time we see a celebrity on television, we wish to posses their looks and their blemish-free radiant face. But one might be surprised to know how cleverly their on-screen beauty is maneuvered with the aid of cosmetics, camera and lighting during a shoot.

But even if you are not a model or celebrity, that doesn’t mean you cannot attain a blemish-free glowing face. A few simple home remedies and a bit of care can bring about a marked difference in your face. So here are a few tips you could try to get that sparkling glow on your face:

The most important routine that should be followed religiously is to drink loads of water everyday. Water purifies blood circulation and also removes toxins from our bodies. Hence it is vital for a good skin and a glowing face.

Apply a paste of cucumber and rosewater on your face and neck on a daily basis. Cucumber acts as an anti-tanning agent and helps in lightening skin complexion. Rosewater revives and refreshes the skin and helps to retain a glow.

Coconut water and coconut milk are very effectual blemish removers and moisturizers. A regular application of a paste consisting coconut milk/water and a pinch of honey makes your face spot free and improves one’s skin texture.

Turmeric powder/paste is an excellent natural agent that beautifies your skin and adds glow to your face. Make a facial mask by mixing turmeric powder/paste and Margosa leaves paste. Apply this mask for 10-15 minutes on a daily basis and you will notice a definite enhancement in your skin glow.

Honey is yet another natural gift that makes your skin radiant and beautiful. Apply a mask of honey with a bit of lime juice or yogurt in it. Apply it all over your face and gently massage for a few minutes. Then wash it off.

Other than these natural facial treatments, there are other aspects that should be taken care to achieve that healthy glow on your skin. Do some regular exercise. Add a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet. Use an effective sunscreen to prevent tanning of your face.

The key to a glowing and sparkling face that you have always dreamt of is before you now. So do not delay, start boosting the radiance of your face from this moment.