How to fragrance yourself correctly

woman-spraying-perfume1 Proper fragrance

When we think of fragrance, that is applying scent on our body. We generally consider the likes and dislikes of others rather than ours. As fragrance has been considered as a factor of charm and glamor, we should not neglect it by trying some of the cheap ones. There are few tips to consider while applying fragrance.

Food habits

The first point that we must consider is that our daily food habits indicate the intensity of the smell of the fragrance. More heavy and spicy food we eat more would be the intensity of the fragrance.

Skin type determination

The skin type also plays a great factor. If our skin is dry we should put more fragrance that normally we do and make it regular. If our skin is oily, we can decrease this volume. We should always buy the fragrance that suites our skin.

Difference of the smell of the fragrance

The smell of the fragrance can be different on different items. Some people try it on hanky and some on paper, but the smell changes when we apply it on our body. Our body chemistry is the key factor in determining the flavor of the smell.

Some climatic conditions reduce the intensity

We should also consider the climatic conditions of the place where we live. Places with high altitudes can affect the fragrance and make the intensity of the fragrance low day by day.

There are some places where the intensity can be long lasting and strong, so we should first determine where to go and pack our fragrance accordingly.


Fragrance has been considered as a factor of one’s signature. It determines the X factor and also our personality. So we should not ignore the rules specified and also not try other fragrance that do not suit our body. The smell must be sweet, simple and light.