How to forget past love

past-love Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.  It is such a treatment that under which each and everybody becomes hypnotized. As a human we must learn  how to love.  But when love becomes a punishment , then the relationship cannot be made to be sustained any more   Until and unless there is love in both the sides, not an iota of the relationship can  last. We have seen a boy or a girl to spoil his or her whole life for the sake of such unnoticed love,  so here are few tips for the people who has a desire to forget the past love and start a new life

The first step is to try to involve in another relationship. It has been proved that people who find new partners forgets the old ones easily.  But this time you have to search for a real close to the heart.  Try to hang out with old friends and engage in some type of dating. You will get your date  from some social networking sites and also from some old friend’s links.  Unless and until you try to find a new  face , you cannot forget the old one. But it is really hard to get a true one.

The next step is not to send anything to your old love. For example, do not send any messages, e-mails, sms to your old partner, nor you should receive any call or messages from  them. At first this would take some time to be grasped, but once it has been mastered the first key to success is conquered.

The next tip is to not to pay any attention when your past love is passing by or when  you come across them in any type of party or gathering. You can only say a hello and then slightly move away.  Never give them any more importance .   You should never see his or her photograph again, nor you should keep any old memories in your room.

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