How to fix an HP laptop

HP laptop HP laptops are very easy to troubleshoot. What you think as a major problem might just be a minor one, just you have to keep your cool and determine the root of the problem logically. The problems associated with HP laptops can be easily identified and handled. Here are some key issues to keep in mind while troubleshooting an HP laptop.

At first jot down the model number and serial number of the laptop which can be found in the bottom of the laptop. These things are required when you go for a servicing or ordering parts.

Try to power on the laptop without using the power cord, if the laptop doesn’t on, then the battery is dead and you have to power it using the power cord. After powering on the laptop with the help of the power cable, if the laptop doesn’t show any signal, then there might me problem with the power cord, otherwise the power LED will on and the desktop will appear on the screen.

If there is power and still the desktop doesn’t appear on the screen then it may be due to faulty display, hard drive or OS.

Now boot the laptop with a bootable recovery disk using the disk drive, if the display appears in the screen then the problems lies with your hard disk or your OS is corrupted. Try to reinstall the OS, if not possible replace the hard drive from the laptop.

The next task is to see if the laptop connects to the internet. Try to connect it, at first using the wireless card and then using a wired cable. Sometimes a wireless card may get corrupted. If the laptop cannot connect to the internet through either ways, then there must be problems with the router or modem or with the service provider.

For more complex issues related to a laptop, consult the HP user manual provided with the laptop. You can also have a live chat with the technical support team and also email them with the various issues of the faults.