How To Find Your Signature Scent

perfume1 Your scent is a powerful message about the type of woman you are, be that strong or sexy, sweet or fresh. So follow these tips and you’ll be smelling of roses, or lilies, or jasmine, in no time!

The Scent Families –


These scents are heavy, sexy, and mysterious. They conjure up visions of exotic, mystic nights in foreign countries and have notes of spices, musks, vanillas and strong florals.
Try: ‘Shalimar’ by Guerlain; Dior’s ‘Addict’ or Laura Mercier’s ‘Ambre Passion’.


Floral scents are sweet and feminine, and project a womanly and sensual aura. They are an instant classic, are romantic and feature roses and bouquets of flowers.
Try: Cacharel’s ‘Anais, Anais’; Chanel No. 5 or Viktor and Rolf’s ‘Flowerbomb’.


These scents are fresh, and often a hit with the younger crowd. Perfect for summer days, these can feature notes of strawberries, apples and citrus.
Try: Escada’s ‘Ocean Lounge’; ‘Island Bermuda’ by Michael Kors or ‘Green Tea’ by Estee Lauder.


Woody fragrances are deep, earthy and strong. Inspired by the earth they can be smoky or mossy and take their queues from nature, featuring sandalwood and pine, honey and nuts.
Try: ‘Sensuous’ by Estee Lauder; Gucci Rush or Donna Karan’s ‘Cashmere Mist’.

So you’ve narrowed your choice down to a few seductive scents, before buying be sure to test it on your skin to see how long it lasts. Once you’ve got it home, spray liberally for the evenings on the pulse points (inside of the wrist, back of the neck) and keep it to a few sprays during the day (there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a bus an unable to breathe!). Coco Chanel once said it’s best to spray perfume where you’d like to be kissed, so before a romantic night, spray liberally and enjoy!