How To Find Your Personal Style

fashion-design1 Personal style is a funny thing. After all, we all read beauty mags and websites with the intention of seeing what the glamazons are wearing, and replicating it. However, how can you be in-style, and still rocking a personal, signature style? Believe it, it’s possible!

Style Icons?

First off, think about your style icons. Be they Carrie Bradshaw, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth or Mary-Kate Olsen find what it is about them that defines them. Some carry a signature look (Jackie O’s sunglasses, Audrey’s pearls) while others simply carry-off anything, with attitude. Indeed, the piece-de-resistance to your personal style is confidence. If you’re wearing a garbage bag with confidence you’ll still rock it (although we wouldn’t recommend this!). By believing in yourself and carrying yourself with poise and confidence, you’ll inspire others to believe in you too.


Next, take some leaps of faith. Stuck in a fashion rut? Time to break out! If you’re wearing only black, throw in some bulky coloured beads to shake up your look? A girly dress kind of girl? Throw on some leather tights and studded boots for an eclectic girly meets rock chick combo. Bit of a tomboy? Throw on a floral blouse over those skinny legs and swap the converses for a neon flat. Not into make-up, throw on some acid bright lippie for a fashion-forward look. All in all, this article is really about taking some risks, small changes can re-define your style, and that, can go a long way in defining your unique personal style.

So there you have it, go out, and invest in some pieces you wouldn’t normally, and above all, have fun! Fashion is after all, about expressing yourself, and as Coco Chanel once said: “fashion passes, style remains”.