How to Erase Pimples and Acnes From one’s Face

acne-myths Acne is perhaps the most common skin problem that we face some time in our lives. Even after gulping down a thousand medicines, sometimes these ugly boils refuse to leave our face. Even if they do, they leave behind a mark on our skin.

So how can one get an acne-free skin? That’s a difficult question to answer. But here are tips one must note down:

Causes that lead to Acne

People suffering from acute acne have a tendency to try out every remedy and tip which they hear or read about. One should never experiment on a severe acne-ridden face. It is essential to learn about the nature of acne one is facing. There are various degrees of acne and different causes behind them.

Acne could occur while one is undergoing puberty and hormonal alterations in the body. They can also happen due to an extremely oily skin, high stress levels and unhygienic practices.

So it is always advisable to get in touch with a good dermatologist and get the necessary tests done to understand the reasons behind one’s acne.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good skin care regime

To get a pimple free skin, it is extremely important to maintain a hygienic lifestyle. If one has a sensitive skin, it is imperative that he/she always stays away from allergic agents that lead to their acne. For example, if using unclean towels causes pimples on one’s face then one should stay in clean surroundings.

Drink loads of water. Water is the best natural agent that flushes out toxic materials from our body. In case of summer-related acne, a daily diet of citrus fruits leads to a healthy skin.

Natural agents like sandalwood, turmeric and Margosa leaves often help in keeping one’s oil secretion in control. Make a paste with sandalwood powder and rose water and apply it everyday on your acne affected regions. One can also make a paste of turmeric and Margosa leaves on an acne-consumed face.

Avoid eating oily and junk food. Whether food types affect one’s skin problems or not, is a controversial issue among dermatologists. Still, it is a healthy option to eat home made food.

An acne-free and flawless skin looks great without make-up as well. So consult your dermatologist as early as possible if your face has started getting acne clusters.