How to Enjoy Dining Out with a Toddler

dining-out-with-a-toddler Dining Out with a Toddler

Meal out at weekends is a good idea and it is an enjoyable occasion too. Even if you have a toddler you can make this moment as pleasant as earlier. For this you have to do some planning. This will make you and your baby happy.

Choosing a Restaurant

First you have to choose a child friendly restaurant and you can recognize such restaurants from their menus and arrangement. There will be dishes according to the preference of the kids and also the high chairs, cradle etc will be available. While choosing the restaurant you have to avoid the busy places and also the peak time. As all these will make you wait a long and the crowd may disturb your kid and he can’t enjoy.

Choosing the Time

While making a plan for dining out choose a time when your child is happy and not much hungry. Before going to the restaurant change the diaper of your kid so that he may feel fresh and will be happy.

Reserve Your Seats

Before going to the restaurant call them over phone and reserve seats for your family. If they won’t give reservation for less numbers like two or three then enquire from about the waiting period. If you have to wait long then your kid may get irritated by the time you get your food. While selecting the seat choose one near to other families so that your kid will get company and the sounds made by your kid may go along with other kids and the families can bear these nuisances better than others. Try to get a seat near the window as it will help to draw the attention of your kid and you can also avoid the disturbance from the central dinning area.

Toys and Infant Carrier

Get some toys, books, coloring book etc for your kid. Also carry some crayons with you so that your toddler can spend some time by coloring his books; also give him some story books for his age group. If possible you can carry your infant carrier to the restaurant. Some infant carriers may fit in to the high chairs and chairs and you can keep your toddler safely.

Before leaving the restaurant give some extra tip to the employees to clean up the mess created by your toddler. This makes them happy and they may entertain you better during your next visit.