How to enhance storytelling sessions for children

parent-and-child-with-book In the present age of technology, it is not uncommon to find children glued to the T.V. set or playing video games all day. There are only few children who enjoy reading books. Parents and teachers often try to inculcate the habit of reading in children with storytelling sessions. This is an effective means of increasing the child’s interest in reading and writing.

Since children can get easily distracted, it is necessary to devise ways in which one can hold their attention during storytelling.

Act it out

Any children’s story can be made more interesting if it is acted out. Masks, puppets and other props can be used to enact the story and make the characters and words come alive for the children.

Music and singing also help enhance the storytelling session by adding a bit of entertainment so that the children don’t get bored.

Promote participation

Another way of holding a child’s interest in the story is to encourage them to participate in the session. You can select a song related to the story and have the children sing along with you.

Ask small easy questions about the story in between to make sure they are listening and understanding the story.

Beyond the book

After the storytelling session, you can arrange a fun activity for the children. You can ask them to draw a character from the story based on what they have heard. It helps if you describe the characters in the story vividly by adding some details of your own. Dressing up as the main character is also effective.

Storytelling is very beneficial for children. It helps them to inculcate the habit of reading and writing. The whimsical characters and enactments can boost their creative and imaginative skills.

As a result, children will be encouraged to read more books. This will also enhance their vocabulary and help improve their communication skills — listening, reading, and writing.

So guide children into the world of storybooks by enhancing storytelling sessions for them.