How to Eliminate Cat Hairballs

Cat Hairballs How to Eliminate Cat Hairballs

Hairballs are the balls of hair swallowed by your cat while cleaning its fur by itself. If the hairballs are less then the cat’s digestive system will eliminate it during defecation or if your cat is young then the digestive system will be strong enough to eliminate the fur. If the hair loss is too much or if your cat is aged then it may cause hairball problems. The major symptoms of hairballs are vomiting and you can see hairballs in this vomit or your cat may have constipation. In order to avoid such problems you need to brush your cat and groom it properly and regularly. If hairballs problems arise you can treat them at your home itself.

Remedies for Hairball

Olive Oil

Add a teaspoon olive oil to your cat’s liquid food and continue this for some days. This will help you to get rid of the hairball problem.

Fish Oil

Add a teaspoon of fish oil  to your cat’s food and most of the cats like this. This will lubricate your cat’s digestive system and thus eliminate the hairs with in the digestive tract. Thus it protects the cat from forming hairballs.


Give your cat a teaspoon of mashed pumpkin daily along with some wet foods. Pumpkin will work slowly when compared to olive oil. Pumpkin being rich in fibers is good for eliminating the hairballs.

Cat Grass

Cat grass is usually liked by most of the cat and you will get it easily from pet stores. Give some cat grass which consists of flax, barley etc to your cat. These extra fibers will protect your cat from hairballs.


Bran is the broken husks of cereal grains and is considered as a good remedy for digestion. Mix one teaspoon of bran with your cat’s food and continue this daily. This will help your cat to get rid of the hairs from its digestive tract and thus keeps your cat healthy.


Provide enough water to your cat as clean and fresh water will add support to eliminate the hairballs and to help in digestion.