How to dress in the grunge style

grunge Some eras become famous for a particular phenomenon: the 1960’s brought the Beatles and the hippies and 1990’s saw the advent of grunge. Grunge music was popular in this decade and it inspired a lot of other trends including the grunge style of dressing.

The nineties decade was known as the decade of anti-fashion. Grunge was not concerned with looking fashionable or stylish. The clothes worn by people were not chosen for style. Rather it was the comfort and practicality offered by such attire that made it popular. It was a working person’s style, natural and nonchalant.

To dress in the grunge style, you need to wear not just the clothes but also the specific attitude associated with grunge.

Popular material

Flannel is a staple style-setting fabric of the grunge look. Flannel shirts can be worn by men and women in different ways.

Can’t do without jeans

High-waist jeans are the way to go to attain the grunge look. Pair these with tank tops, plain t-shirts, and plaid hooded sweatshirts.

‘All’ clothing

Overalls and coveralls might not be trendy with most but in grunge style, they were fundamental pieces of clothing. Comfortable and practical, these are suitable for both men and women. Since grunge fashion was mainly about work wear, overalls look more ‘grunge’ if they’re old and worn out.

Dressing in layers

Oversized pants can be worn with a t-shirt, a tank top and a belt (to hold the pants up!). Then wear a denim jacket on top and the grunge look is complete.

Another typical grunge style is to wear layers of colored tank tops with a flannel shirt. Chino pants and carpenter pants also look good. These can be worn with plain t-shirts and a jacket.

On foot

Sneakers are common and comfortable footwear. You can also wear boots, boat shoes or platform shoes, depending on the attire and your comfort level.

The ‘90’s may be over but the grunge style is timeless because of its comfortable and casual look. And it’s not too bad to be comfortable and casual, is it?