How to dress for a football game

football-player While watching football, the game is a priority but the right attire is essential too. You need to dress practically and be comfortable as well. If you’re engrossed in the action, you won’t think of leaving during the game. So make sure that you’re dressed well to keep you happy and at ease for the entire duration of the game.

Weather report

Although these may not be completely accurate, be aware of the weather forecast for the day. It may actually rain according to the report and you’ll be glad you carried an umbrella.

Light layers

The best all-weather clothing is to dress in layers. Carry a jacket with you so that you’re kept warm if it’s too cold. Similarly if it’s hot, you can cast aside a layer of your clothing.

Sunny side up

If it’s a sunny day, make sure you have a cap, sunglasses and sufficient sunscreen. Also, remember to carry binoculars to get a closer look at the action on the field without having to squint.

Safety rules

There’s plenty of excitement at a game and taking care of one’s possessions often becomes tiresome. So wear clothes with pockets or a waist pack that will hold your money safely.

Shoe story

Wearing high heels or boots for an extended period can become uncomfortable during a game. Besides climbing up and down to your seats among the multiple aisles and rows in a stadium is quite an exercise. You would not want to trip and injure yourself only to miss your favorite game.

Glamour game

Wearing comfortable, practical clothing doesn’t mean you have to look simple and staid. Wear colorful clothes to enhance your outfit, decorate your cap with glitter and paint your face with your team’s colors.

Team spirit

As a true fan, you’ll want to show your support, and cheer for your team. Wearing the team colors is one of the best ways to do this. Make sure you wear the team jersey if you have one.

So dress well for your team and be a true fan in every way you can!