How To Do The “Soft-Goth” Look

goth-look Chances are, you’ve seen all the rage about how “soft-goth” is in for this season. And chances are that if you lived through the 80s you’re seriously worried! After all gothic is a hard look to pull off (harsh black hair, pale skin, black lips, black nails, black, black, black!) But put away that black hair dye, this look is, as the name suggests about contradiction: looking soft and feminine and yet hard and edgy at the same time.

The Look

The look is about teaming classic Gothic wear (think anything in black leather), ripped black stockings (no need to rip them if you’re happy with them as is!), black and dark blue hues for nails, dark lipstick (think a dark plum), heavy dark eyes, slicked back hair, heavy metal jewellery and lots of lace. But the trick to avoiding looking like a relic from the Goth era is to mix only a few of those things in the mix at a time.

What to wear?

So, to best master it team a black ruffled dress, with black opaques, a black platform heel or lace up boot, a black cropped bolero with dark nails. Now, in light of the fact that all-black is a harsh look, go for feminine make-up in pink tones, with lashings of mascara. For this look opt for feminine, loose, undone hair to avoid looking scary, and opt for a jewel toned bag to break up the monotony. If you’re a little younger you can opt for a rock tee teamed over long wet-look leggings (a vinyl which replicates the appearance of black leather) with some serious footwear (think Doc Martens, or a black platform stiletto with studs and buckles) and a few licks of black eye-liner, and some red vamp lips.

So there you have it, a few tips to help you not only survive the latest trend, but really rock it!