How to Do a Perfect Foundation Makeup At Home

foundation From the birth every people has tried the best ways how to make oneself  beautiful. Especially women are much crazy about their makeup. But today in the world of ultimate glamor, each and every one of us wants to have a quick make up in our home. Makeup starts form the basic fixture known as foundation. Here are some steps that will show you the correct way of applying foundation.

If you apply foundation correctly it would not only make your face glow but will make your skin error free. But if the steps are ignored then you would look rather very ugly. You should begin with a clear face and hands.

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At first apply some sunscreen lotion on the face and then go for foundation primer. The foundation primer applying the foundation makes the skin ready for as it sucks all the water from the face.

You should wait some time for the primer to dry out. If there is excess foundation primer or sunscreen then you should remove it with some soft tissue. If the skin is not dry the foundation would not be settled  nicely. The next step is to mend the dark circles of your eyes; this can be cured with a lotion called concealer. This lotion is very useful for the under eye dark circles. You must never put this cream on your face.

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The next step is to apply foundation on the face with the help of your finger tips. You can also use foundation brush for the purpose. At first apply the foundation in dots and when finished, slowly rub the dots to settle the cream on the face. You should notice that the entire face has been covered with the foundation or not, as well as the neck should also be coved with it. At last apply talc powder on the face for the foundation to settle.