How to Determine if Your Child Is Using Drugs

child-is-using-drugs How to Determine if Your Child Is Using Drugs

At certain point in life some kids may fall in to the habit of taking illicit drugs. These drugs will create problems in their life and in their health also. Further they may also create social problems as well. Being a good parent you have the right to find out whether your child is taking drugs and spoiling his life. If you can identify the issue earlier then it will be easier to help your child to get out of this habit. Kids using drugs may show some symptoms and you can determine your kid’s drug taking habit by identifying these symptoms.

Signs of Drug Abuse

1.    Notice your child’s eating habits and look for any drastic change in eating habit. Also consider the sleeping habit. Is he sleeping less and looks like depressed or is he withdrawing from the surroundings.

2.    Know about your kid’s friends and find out whether he changed his old friends circle and move towards a new group. Is he maintaining his old relationships? In most of the cases the kids using drugs will avoid their old friends and relations.

3.    Enquire in his school about his attendance and grades. If he is not attending classes properly and his grade is coming down then he might be involved in some other bad activities.

4.    Check whether your kid has developed aggressiveness in his character. Most of the kids who are having the habit of drug usage will lose interest in their appearance and they won’t dress properly and even won’t comb their hair.

5.    Notice whether your child is steeling money from your purse.

6.    Check your kid’s room and see if there are any butane lighters, medicine bottle, eye drops, bongs made from plastic beverage cans or soda cans, home made pipes etc.

7.    Is your child loosing his interest in his activities which he once found to be very interesting?

8.    Whether the secretiveness of your kid is increasing and is he forgetting things easily?

Once you find hat your kid is using drugs then talk to him affectionately and encourage his to reveal his problems. Work with him to avoid this habit and take him to a doctor who can treat him more efficiently. Try to build up his trust in you and your family.