How to Detect Diabetes in a Child

diabetes-in-child Diabetes is a silent killing disease which can occur at any stage in life. It is a kind of metabolic disorder in our body. This happens when human body stops producing insulin, a hormone which converts sugar and starch into energy. Often is a hereditary disease which occurs with age. So, most of us are aware of the symptoms of diabetes when it manifests itself in an adult. However, we often fail to detect diabetes in a child.

We need to keep in mind that this deadly disease might strikes even at the age of three. It is quite common with children between the age group of five to seven. It can even occur at puberty, when the body undergoes considerable hormonal changes.

Children with diabetes are vulnerable, since often their diabetes is not even detected before they reach a chronic stage. Therefore, get you child checked up immediately if you notice the following symptoms.


Children with diabetes become tired easily. The eagerness for activities seems to diminish. They become exhausted even while completing their daily routine work.

Increase of thirst and hunger

Check out your child’s daily diet, the amount of food and water intake. Is there an increase in his or her thirst? Has there been any increase in the food consumed by your child? Is he feeling hungry more often?


Monitor your child’s behavior as well. Is your child getting aggravated or angry quickly? Has he or she become more clingy or grumpy recently?

Weight loss

Has your child experienced any unnatural weight loss lately?

Hazy vision

Diabetes often has an effect on vision. Notice if your child is complaining that he is facing difficulty to see properly. Check out if your child is suffering from blurred vision.

Frequent urination and bed wetting

This is quite a common symptom with diabetes. Increase in urination, frequent urination and bed wetting are often the outcome of diabetes in a child.

If you notice the above mentioned symptoms in your child, it is high time you should consult a doctor.