How To Detect And Prevent A Teen Pregnancy

pregnantteenager As soon as our children start crossing the threshold of childhood and step into puberty, our anxiety meters rise gradually. Parents, especially mothers start worrying about their daughters. Sons are also warned about STDs.

However, a constant nightmare that haunts parents when their adolescent daughter starts dating; is the possibility of a teenage pregnancy. And if such an instance occurs then teenagers, mostly girls tend to become more tensed and boxed up. Generally they don’t even want to reveal such incidents to their parents.

But if you are a parent, you should be able to detect your child’s attitude and be aware about teenage pregnancy symptoms.

Early warning signals

Teenagers, mostly girls do not readily disclose their condition, if they sense they are pregnant because of fear, anxiety and shame. But as a parent, you should be alert if you notice that your girl is becoming increasingly confused, frustrated and resentful.

Your child might develop unusual dietary cravings and their appetite also changes drastically over a period of time.

Sudden bodily changes like repeated morning sickness, nausea and soreness of breasts are yet another pointer towards a premature pregnancy. If your daughter reports of a missed period, then it is definitely a cause for concern as it is often considered a potent pregnancy symptom.

Gradually there are other changes in one’s body like widening of hips and an increase in weight or body mass.

Precaution and Prevention

Parents should realize that puberty is a stage when children struggle with a lot of physical, emotional and mental changes. Often they express volatile and rebellious traits. Therefore, it is very important to reach out to them as a confidant or a friend.

Parents should avoid being patronizing and inform children about the bodily changes post puberty, dangers of unprotected sex at an early age and risks related to a premature childbirth. It definitely aids them while they are interacting with the opposite sex.

One should not be hesitant to talk to their teenage sons and daughters about contraceptive/ preventive measures like birth control pills and condoms. Other than avoiding an accidental pregnancy, adolescents should also be warned about sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.

Moreover, it is important to make a child realize about the social and psychological pressures that are attached to a teen pregnancy. As a parent, these little preventive measures reduce your insecurities about your child’s sexual conduct.