How to decorate your office work station

workstation Looking forward to work at the office is an uncommon phenomenon. The ‘I don’t like Mondays’ line is often repeated when the weekend comes to an end.

So we all dread going to the office, but let’s face it, we don’t have a choice. What we do have is the ability to make our work station or office a slightly better place to live in.

Being at work means staying away from your home, your family and everything else you like. If you spend late hours at your workplace, this time is increased even more. In order to make the office time pass more easily, make it as comfortable and familiar as possible with a little office decor.

Play by the rules

First of all, look up the employee manual and read the rules regarding office décor. Are you allowed to have shiny trinkets, candles or posters? Make sure you abide by these rules. You wouldn’t want to lose your job over decorating your office.

An extension of ‘you’

Let your office reflect your personality. Display art work that you like, poems, sports souvenirs or film posters. However, be moderate in whatever you do. Remember that it’s a professional environment and your workstation should not look tacky.

Colorful world

Add color and style to common office items. You can have a calendar with colorful pictures, clocks in funny shapes, lamps etc.

Bring your family into the office by placing photo frames of your spouse, children, siblings or parents. In low moments, you’ll feel much better looking at their pictures.

Green office

Nature has a soothing effect on the mind. A small or large potted plant in your office, depending on the space, will make the atmosphere more pleasant. Find out how much light the plant requires before placing it in your office.

Avoid clutter

It is important not to crowd your office with too much paraphernalia. Ensure that you have enough space for pens, notepads and work-related documents.

So decorate your office and make it an agreeable place to live in.