How to decorate your house for summer

summer-home-deco The bright summer days make people long for the sun and the sand. Many escape to hill stations and resorts for a relaxing summer vacation. But what if it were possible to enjoy the summer in your own home?

Redecorating is the answer. A touch of creativity and enthusiasm will transform your house into a personal resort. Bring in the light and air into your home, and take full advantage of the summer season.

Floral delights

Appreciate the charm of nature’s beauty queens – the flowers. Fill your home with flowers arranged in vases. You can purchase them from a florist or cut them from your own garden if you have one. Remember that your vases should be light and small. Big and imposing ones will seem to make the flowers shrink.

You can also bring plants inside the house and place them on window sills. Choose flowering plants of bright colors rather than large, artificial plants.

Color clash

If you’ve been thinking of repainting the house, then summer is an ideal time. Choose fresh vibrant colors in unique shades. You can also add some color to your wicker, iron or wooden furniture. Make or buy slip covers with stylish patterns and place them on the backs of chairs and sofas.

Wall make up

Add framed pictures to your walls to give them a new look. You can choose flowers and landscapes for a natural appearance. An interesting theme portrayed through a series of pictures will also enliven your home.

Water kingdoms

A popular way of cooling down in summer is spending time in pools and at beaches. You can bring this comfort of water to your own home in a different way.

Try setting up a water fountain in your yard or garden. There are various ways of arranging water pumps and large pots to make fountains. Add some water plants, shells and pebbles to complete the sense of natural coolness and relax while listening to the soothing sounds of the fountain.

Enjoy the summer time in your transformed home with lots of light and air!