How to decorate your home entrance

frontdoord First impressions are important and often permanent. From a first meeting or view, you try to gain an idea about what that person or thing is like. This helps you to judge the nature of that particular person or thing.

It is not always right to go by first impressions as they tend to be wrong sometimes. But there are certain places or occasions where a first impression is all you have to guide you. For example, when you visit someone for the first time, an untidy or dirty entrance will most likely not make a positive impression on you.

No matter how beautiful the house’s interior is, its attractiveness won’t help if the visitor turns away from the door. Hence, your home entrance needs to radiate beauty and charm.

Top-notch condition

It is quite disconcerting to find peeling paint, rusty hinges or stained and cracked doors and walls at the entrance of a house. Make sure that your doorway is in good condition and gives off a pleasant vibe.

Also, clean it regularly to avoid collection of grime. Of course, you can’t be standing with a broom waiting to remove dust as soon as it settles. But try and establish a routine of dusting the entrance once a day at least.

Object of attention

Decorate the home entrance by following a proper pattern. You can have a green theme and place plants, real and artificial, on either side of the door. Or you can highlight the color of the door with trimmings that complement its overall appearance.

Ornaments on the lawn and near the entrance also enhance the appearance of the doorway. If you have a soft corner for flowers, then place large vases with fresh or plastic flowers on each side of the door.

A word of caution: ensure that your door is strong and thief-proof. Avoid decorating with expensive items as it would be an invitation for robbers. Select moderately-priced, pretty embellishments for the entrance.

Last but not the least, a clean doormat that says ‘Welcome’ will appeal to your visitors.