How to decorate a studio apartment

studio-apartment A studio apartment is small but it is also comfortable and cozy. Besides, creative decoration can make it a warm and beautiful home. A well-furnished studio apartment can put a badly-decorated three bedroom suite to shame.

Generally, studio apartments are just one big room. The area of this room varies from small to large and decorating it can be difficult. You need to create space for a living room, bedroom, and kitchen and may be an office in one large space. Hence, plan out your furniture and living conditions before you begin decorating.

Color it right

Don’t paint the apartment red because you love the color. It will make the room appear dark and small. Instead choose pale colors that will give it an airy and light feeling.

Here comes the sun

Curtains add to the beauty of a room but your studio needs light, transparent curtains on its windows. It is necessary to let in the light as much as possible: remember that it’s an apartment not a cave.

Smart furnishings

Bear in mind that space is not at your disposal. Large sofas, bulky closets and oversized armchairs should be left out in a studio apartment. Use ottomans that can also be utilized as storage areas. A couch that doubles as a bed provides extra sleeping space for guests.

Divided we live

Avoid placing the furniture haphazardly around the studio. Create specific areas and assign their functions. One corner of the apartment can serve as a bedroom: here you can place a futon and a small table.

Another area should be reserved for the cooking and dining and a whole other section as your living room and office. A laptop is usually more convenient for use and storage.

Design and decorate

Finally, make your apartment beautiful and pleasant by adorning it with souvenirs, lamps, wall hangings, paintings and pictures. However, keep these to a bare minimum as too many knick-knacks will make your studio apartment appear cluttered.

No matter where you live, remember home is where the heart is. Size has nothing to do with it.