How to decorate a guest room

guest-room During holidays, families and friends usually stay over at each other’s houses. If you have such guests in your home, you’ll naturally want them to feel relaxed and contented. Hence, a warm welcoming guest room is needed for their retreat.

The guest room needs to be decorated appropriately to suit the variety of guests who may stay there. It is quite difficult to furnish a room according to multiple tastes.

But there are certain basic rules that can be followed when decorating a guest room. This will ensure that everyone who stays there, regardless of age, size or gender, will enjoy the room.

Bed time

The most important piece of furniture is a fairly large and comfortable bed. It should be convenient for both single visitors as well as couples. You can purchase this secondhand and adorn it with a beautiful bedspread.

Storage space

Your guests should have sufficient place to store their luggage. A chest of drawers and a cupboard will enable them to put away their clothes and other possessions. Keep a few hangers in the guest room as the guests may need to hang their clothes.

Provide an extra set of towels and linen in the guest room for your guests. They can thus find and use them easily if the need arises.

Comfort and joy

Keep some magazines and books in the guest room for leisure reading. The guests may need to read late at night in case they can’t fall asleep. Therefore, also provide a reading lamp.

On the walls

You may like red on your walls but your guests might not appreciate the color. Hence, choose soft, neutral colors for painting the walls of the guest room. Don’t place too many pictures and keepsakes as it will result in a crowded look.

Put yourself in the guest’s shoes and think about what you would expect in their place. Decorating the guest room will become much easier then!