How to Deal with Low Blood Sugar in Diabetic Patients

How to Deal with Low Blood Sugar in Diabetic Patients

Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a common problem faced by people having diabetes. If the sugar level in the blood drops beyond a certain limit then it may cause problems. You may feel some symptoms when your blood sugar is low.

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

If your level of sugar in blood is 70 milligrams per deciliter of blood then you may develop symptoms like tiredness, shaky and weak. If the blood sugar level goes to 20 milligrams per deciliter then you may feel drowsy, confused, lose consciousness and may even die. Pregnant women may loss their baby in case of low sugar level in blood. This condition may develop due to the excessive use of insulin or if you exercise with out taking proper food or if you skip meals. Drinking alcohol in empty stomach may also cause problem. If you have mild to moderate symptoms then you can treat this condition by the intake of sugary substances.

How to Handle Low Sugar Levels in Blood

Always carry something sweet with you while going out of the home. If you have some quick sweet food with you then it may help you to raise your blood sugar level by 30 mgdl in 15 minutes time.

Try to wear an identification tag that notes that you are diabetic. It may help you if you fell down unconscious then the people around can understand that you are diabetic and can help you better. It will be good to teach your friend about the symptoms and treatments of low blood sugar. You can also keep glucagon with you and teach your friend to give you a shot if you are unconscious.

Always check your blood sugar and never wait for the symptoms. This is because if you are a person who have diabetes for years then you may get symptoms only when your blood sugar sinks to a very low level.