How to deal with a crush

first-love Most people have crushes at some point in their lives. You know you have a crush on someone when you experience a powerful rush of feelings for the person. You admire them, dream about them, feel happy when you see them and gloomy in their absence.

Sometimes people have a crush on someone they know: a neighbor, a relative, a teacher or a friend. Then there are those crazy crushes for actors, singers, football players etc. These powerful emotions usually go away after sometime. But it is hard to handle this overwhelming attraction when you’re in the midst of it.

No harm in a crush

Don’t get worried because you have a crush on someone. It’s quite natural for a person to feel attracted towards some one else. Know that these feelings are not permanent and with time, they will go away. One day you will look back and smile at the experience, whether or not you were able to attain your crush.

Learn from your crush

Writing down your feelings for the person you’re attracted to will be helpful. Think about why you like this person so much? What qualities do they have that draw you to them? It might help you one day to know what kind of people you’re attracted to.

Obsession overruled

While it’s hard to stop thinking about your crush 24/7, it is important not to obsess over them. You have your friends, family, profession, hobbies etc. Don’t give up these and keep yourself preoccupied constantly with that person. Remember that they don’t know about your feelings; obsessing won’t make them start liking you.

Are they worth it?

Observe how your crush interacts with other people. Their attitude and behavior can help you judge what kind of people they are. They’re not worth the attention you give them if they’re rude and unkind towards others. Chances are they will have the same attitude towards you. You’ll know then that any pleasantness is mere pretense.

A crush is frustrating and painful when your feelings aren’t reciprocated. But the emotion will lessen in time, so enjoy the crush while it lasts.