How to Create your Personal Website

website-creation If you are new to the world of web design, you would not know all the basics of creating your own personal web page. Here you will learn how to create your web page and also how to create your blog, social networking site, wiki or an online photo album without using any kind of programming or scripting language. There are some free web hosting sites that allow you to create your own personal site by simply choosing the template and the design layout, and the sites are built in a flash.

In a web site it is required to add your personal blogs where you can share your views, a social network link through which people can communicate with you, Wiki helps to create some of the content of the sites. You can also put your digital photos on the web to make an online photo album. At first you have choose the web page creating software to build the site. You can use the free online editor or use other software to build it. If you build the site offline, then a publisher tool is required to host the site on the web, other wise in case of online editors the sites are hosted automatically.

Then it is the turn to add some gorgeous looking graphics to your site. You can use the free online clip art and download some images and paste it in your personal web site. This will give a professional look to your site. If you want a more personal look then use the web site templates form the web. You only need to copy and paste the codes from the web into your html editor and fill up some gaps in the codes. There are also some available scripts that can be used in the html editor to make the web pages more attractive. These scripts are easy to edit and these free scripts adds fun, security and community to your website. You can also add weather reports, games, horoscopes, maps and many other things in the web site.