How to create an aesthetic rock garden

rockgardens Creating flower and vegetable gardens are a common feat. But, if you are interested in creating something artistic with your gardening skills, then its time to build your own rock garden. Here are a few tips to go about it:

Decide the space and area

Availability of sufficient space is a factor that rules the growth of all kinds of gardens. Rock gardens are no exception to this norm. Places in the front or backyard of the house that are lying as wastelands, are ideal for a rock garden creation.

Also, the area where one decides to build his rock garden should have a sloppy surface to allow proper water draining. One should select a soil type with a coarser base. This can be achieved by blending sand grains with the natural soil of the region.

Select your rock garden type

Depending on the area and ground level one has, one can select the rock garden type he wants. There is a huge variety of rock garden types like woodland rock gardens, berm rock garden, water featured rock gardens etc.

Each of these garden types has their specific needs. For example, a woodland rock garden requires a more or less level ground. The soil layer has to be combined with grated rock pieces.

Presence of woodland plants like Fringecup and Bleeding Heart can add to the beauty of such gardens. For more information on the rock garden types, always consult a good gardener or garden designer.

Choose your rocks and stones

Once your plans are set, choose the kind of stones and rocks that would fit your rock garden environment perfectly. Pick out stones according to the color design of you have drawn for your garden.

There are a number of stones like red sandstones and different varieties of limestone which one can select from. Upon doing so, start planning the pattern to arrange the stones.

For example, one can choose a circular pattern and place a ring of large rocks in the outer sphere. The internal lining can consist of more compact and symmetrical stones.

Pay attention to the spacing between the rocks. Once again, to select the perfect rock pattern for one’s garden, it’s good to take expert advice.

Choosing the right plants

When it comes to choosing the right plants for a rock garden, there are thousands of options. Mostly perennial plants are ideal for a rock garden. Some such plants are Stone Cress, Sheep Burr, Pinwheel, Burgundy glow and Carpet Bugle.

So, if you are planning to create your rock garden, start working at it now.