How to correctly turn your lips red

lipstick Lips are the most sensitive part of the body and must be taken good care of. It is the lips that proves the person’s inner beauty in real terms. A person with cracked and dull lips, if she beautifies herself would be futile in nature. The ideal way to decorate the lips is by using lipsticks. Lipstick adds a special color to the lips and also gives it a shine. Now we shall discuss how to add a red lipstick properly.

It has been found that red color is the color that is most attractive in the party. If a person puts red lipstick then she is sure to be noticed in the mob, but most of the people do not know to use it.

At first you should apply a thin layer of foundation on the lips and allow it to dry for sometime. Then using some talcum powder, cover the lips nicely. Now using a lip liner of the lipstick color, here it is red; outline the lips so that it is prominent.

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The next step is to add the lipstick. At first put the color with a brush at the center of the lip and then slowly by slowly go towards the outer edge. This controls the use of extensive color. You should paint the lips lightly at the first instance. Then put a blotting paper over the lips so that extra liquid can be sucked. Now apply a second layer of lipstick with the same brush. The second layer over the first one blotted would make the color lust longer and also keep its shine.

Now about the color selection, if your lips are thin use a deep red color which will make it very prominent. If they are thick then you should go for the bluish or brownish red. There can be a lot of problems in buying the right kind of red shade, but if you ask the customer care then they are sure to find the best one for you. So be happy,  lip painting at home.