How to Cook Hot Dog in Microwave

hot-dog-in-microwave1 How to Cook Hot Dog in Microwave

Hot dogs can be used as a snack as well as a meal. In today’s busy life people don’t have time to cook food. You will get pre cooked hot dogs from the stores and can use.

Making Hot Dogs

First of all note the wattage of your microwave and you can see this inside the microwave door frame. Depending on the watt the time required for cooking may vary. More watts require less time to cook. If you are using a frozen hot dog then it requires more time to cook.

Get the hot dog packs from the stores and you can store them in refrigerator. Prior to cooking defrost the hot dogs and take it out from the wrappings. Pierce the hot dogs with a knife through out the length in a slanting manner.  This will prevent the explosion on over heating and it also allows the steam to move out properly. Now place four hot dogs in a paper plate in such a manner that it will make a square so that each hot dog will remain at the edge of the plate. Then cover the hot dogs with a wax paper or a paper towel and this will help you to avoid splattering.

Cook the hot dog in an 850 watt microwave in high for about 50 to 60 seconds. Take the cooked hot dogs from the microwave and keep the bun wrapped in paper towel for about 15 seconds. Do not over cook the bun as it become chewy and hard on cooling. You can also keep the buns under broiler to make it firm.

If your bun is frozen and the hot dog is thawed then you can cook both at the same time but it will be better to cook them separately. This is because the steam coming from hot dog will make the bun soft and watery and you won’t get the firmness. Keep the hot dogs with in the bun and garnish the bun with mustard sauce, ketchup, onion etc.