How to Connect Two Computers for File Sharing

networking-2-comps In a simple home network there exist at least two computers. By networking them, you can enable file sharing, printer sharing, peripheral sharing and internet connection sharing among them. So here are some simple tips which can be followed to network two computers at home.

Simple home networking generally involves the use of a single dedicated cable to link the two computers. The cable can be of many types such as Ethernet crossover cable, USB cable or a Null modem serial cable. The Ethernet cable is considered the best cable for this purpose as it is very easy to build and maintain network connection using this cable and they also have a great speed of about 100 Mbps. These cables work on minimal configurations and are used for the general purpose of connectivity. Both of the computers on a network must have an Ethernet NIC. If you use the Serial and parallel cable for networking purposes then the number of computers are limited to two only.

If your computer has no such feature for Ethernet card, then you can go for the special type of USB cables that are used to connect the two computers to form a network. You should never use an ordinary USB cable to directly connect two computers; this can electrically damage your machines. Before the two machines are connected via a cable, you should check the functionality of your Ethernet card and configure the computers to identify each other. You should note that power cables or phone lines are never used to connect computers.

Now after the cable has been connected in the two machines by using the respective network cards, you can start your sharing of files or folders on the machines. To share anything you have to just right click on the icon and click sharing and security. Now you can use your printer to print pages form both the computers.