How To Choose Window Blinds

Window Blinds Window blinds have become a part of fashionable home décor. You will find window blinds of different styles, colors and materials in the stores. You should select the window blind according to the function of the room, the room décor and of course your budget.

Different types of materials are used for making window blinds. Window blinds are usually made of wood or metal.

Wooden window blinds
Window blinds made out of wood is the best choice for any home. Wooden blinds create a natural ambiance in the room. Hardwoods are usually used for making wood blinds. Bamboo blinds have also become fashionable.

Wooden blinds are pretty expensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for faux wood blinds. The faux wood blinds are sometimes more durable than the real wood blinds. However, the heaviness of faux wood blinds makes it difficult to raise or lower them when installed at large windows. Real wood blinds are easily damaged by water. It is inappropriate to install these blinds in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Metal blinds
Aluminum is used in making metal blinds. There are several advantages of installing aluminum blinds on windows. They are cheaper than the wood blinds. While wooden blinds are largely available in natural wood colors or in neutral shades, you will find a wide range of colorful aluminum blinds. You can choose an aluminum blind to match the color of the walls and upholsteries of your room. Aluminum blinds are also manageable due to their lightweight. They are durable and are not damaged by water. In spite of their lightweight, aluminum blinds are quite strong. They can remain intact in their position despite strong winds. Nowadays it is fashionable to install aluminum blinds with different landscape pictures. When the blinds are closed, the pictures will be displayed on your windows, giving your room a majestic appearance.

Vertical blinds
Compared to the wood and metal horizontal blinds, the amount of light entering your room can be easily managed with vertical blinds. Fabrics are usually used in making vertical blinds. However, you can also come across wood, aluminum and fiberglass vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are available in different colors. Due to their vertical sluts, dust falls off naturally from these blinds.