How To Choose The Right Hair Color

right Hair Color Are you bored with your natural hair color? To change the color of your tresses you can opt for a hair color. Selecting the right hair color that matches your skin tone and personality could help to give you a successful makeover. Choosing a hair color might not be an easy task for a newbie. Often through a series of trial and error, you can finally discover the most suitable color for your hair.

Permanent or semi-permanent hair color
If covering the gray strands of hair is your main objective for coloring your hair, you can opt for a permanent hair color that matches your normal hair color. However, if you want to flaunt a hair color incompatible with the natural color of your hair, it is advisable to start your coloring experiment with a semi-permanent hair color. By using a semi-permanent hair color, a disastrous hair coloring experiment could be reversed easily after a few washes. Only when a semi-permanent hair color looks great on your hair, you can apply a permanent hair color of the same shade.

Your skin tone and eye color
Choose a hair color that matches your skin tone and the color of your eyes. Hair colors of every shade are suitable for people with pale skin. If your skin has a pinkish tone, ash tones such as shades of ash blonde and cool brown are best suited for your hair. It is advisable to avoid golden blonde, copper or red colors. People with dark, olive or golden skin tones and with dark or brown eyes look best in hair colors that are few shades darker than the color of their skin. Warm gold, red and caramel are suitable for olive skin tone. Blonde hair color looks great on people with pink skin and green or blue eyes. If you had blonde hair during childhood, you can safely flaunt this hair color.

Although, most hair colors are suitable for people with pale skin, they have to be a little cautious while choosing brown hair color. They should use light shades of brown, because darker shades of brown would make them look older. While choosing red hair color, select a shade that matches your skin tone. However, it is most difficult to maintain the perfect red shade, because the red color fades after a wash.