How to Choose a Puppy For Training

puppy-for-training How to Choose a Puppy For Training

Choose a Puppy at Right Age

While choosing a puppy for training you must consider its age. Because age is an important factor that determines the behavior of the dog. If you are separating a puppy from its mother at a early age (six weeks or below) then that puppy will have an insecurity feeling which may result in a dog ie fearful to any thing when it grows up. This fear and stress will make the dog more aggressive and will leads to many behavioral problems. During the first six weeks the puppy will get training from its mother and other litter mates about interaction. From seventh week onwards the puppy will be ready to learn things.

Socialization Sensitive Period of the Puppy

The puppy gets the first lesson of socialization from its breeder itself. In the kennel the puppy will get chance to interact with different peoples. 21 days to 16 weeks is the critical socialization period or learning period. From 7 th week onwards the puppy will be ready to adjust with the new owner and can learn the new life style and the atmosphere in the new home. This is because at 7th week the puppy will have its brain developed as that of an adult dog. Socialization training during this period will help you to control most of the behavioral problems.

Identifying the Character of the Puppy

While choosing a puppy for giving training you have to avoid the shy ones as it will be very difficult to train shy puppy. Try to avoid the aggressive ones also. Before selecting the puppy you have to meet its parents and avoid the puppies of aggressive and that of extremely mild parents, because the puppies too exhibit the same character as that of parents.

Check the Receptivity and Obedience of the Puppy

While choosing the puppy you have to check whether they are obedient and receptive. For this pick the puppies’ one by one and hold them in your hand on their back. If the puppy remains calm on your hand then it will be the best choice you can have but if it wriggles a lot then it will be difficult to train them. Similarly give the puppies some food in a bowl and then take the bowl with the help of a stick and keep it at a distance. If the puppy follows the bowl and start eating then it will be a good puppy. If it is growling, barking or cowering then avoid such puppies.