How to Choose a Healthy Puppy

puppy-breeder1 Choose a Healthy Puppy

Before going to pick a puppy from a breeder you have to do a lot of home work like the type of breed you want and the purpose of rearing the dog such as for dog shows or just to be a companion. Also think whether you want the dog for breeding purpose, and also whether you prefer a male or female dog. After having a good think about all these you can meet a reputable breeder for selecting a puppy. Breeder can advise you better and can help you for selecting a puppy.

Criteria for Selection


While choosing the puppy consider their age. A puppy at an age of seven weeks is found to be the ideal ones. This is because at this age they will have the same brain capacity as that of an adult dog and they will be very receptive and obedient for learning things and also for socialization. At this age they can better adjust to their new atmosphere. At this age you can determine their character and choose the one that is very playful and reacting positively to affection. Avoid the over aggressive and shy puppies as they will have behavioral problems later.

Check the Face of the Puppy

Watch the eyes of the puppy and it must be clear, bright and shining and it must look straight ahead. Any visible line or white spots on the surface of the eyes indicates problems of vision. The nose must be damp and cool with out any nasal discharge. The ear should be clean with out any dirt and wax.

Ear must be odor free also. If the dog is shaking its head frequently or scratching the ears in between it is a sign of ear infection or it can be mite attack. Never forget to check the teeth and if the lower and upper teeth are overshot or undershot then avoid that puppy as it won’t get corrected by itself. Check the gum also and it must be bright pink and any paleness in the color indicated anemia or worms attack.

Check the Body of the Puppy

See the coat of the puppy and it must be free of leas, clean, shiny and fluffy. There must not be any deposits of fur, sores, mites etc. check the genitals and make sure that it is clean, free of infection. Make sure the puppy doesn’t have any digestive disorder, diarrhea etc. Watch the naval and any bulging in that indicates hernia. Touch the stomach and feel whether it is swollen or not. A swollen stomach is an indication of worm infestation or poor diet.

Check the Bones and Muscles

Watch the legs and make sure that they are well formed and straight with well arched toes. Ensure that the puppy doesn’t have lameness. Avoid the overweight and underweight puppies.

Check the Records

Ask the breeder about the records of the puppy that contains records about vaccination, deworming, registration details for a pure breed, suggested diet etc.